A year-long dedication to supporting individuals and families who are faced with economic disparities. Participants are selected before the Christmas holiday and are showered with hope, gifts, household items and food. The program continues beyond the holidays to place special emphasis on providing coaching (accountability partner) and life skills coaching to support economic development.

Facing My Giants

The Facing My Giants Youth Program strives to lower the risks of teen pregnancy, school suspension, course failure, reduce incarceration, and school dropout rates. We promote positive youth development, self-efficacy and healthy life choices by engaging kids in curriculum-guided discussions and community service learning. Our life skill discussions and activities aim to improve conflict resolution, decision making and career development skills..

Image by Tyler Nix

Life Skills & PPP Coaching 

Personal Well-Being + Professional Development = Positive Performance


One-on-one and small group coaching are built into mini workshop series for youth, college students, individuals and working professionals. Each session capitalizes on the participants’ personal and professional development while providing skillful training to help them thrive in their everyday life.